What I am loving and learning this month

I love meeting up with friends and hearing about the latest conference, book, or podcast they have been loving.  I’m not getting any kickbacks from any of the below, but I thought I would share some of my recent faves and I hope to hear about a few others from you!


Food – Soup.  I want to do a post later on the benefits of soup, but right now, I’m loving soup for lunch and dinner.  Multiple times a week.   I can make it from leftovers, it is full of veggies and amino acids and flavor but packs a low calorie punch, and is super cheap depending on what ingredients are used.  Last night we had chicken tortilla soup with swiss chard from the garden…yum!

 Podcast – Natural MD Radio, hands down.  I first heard Aviva Romm during a webinar she did for dietitians, and since have enjoyed her book on kids and her blog.  I enjoy the way she empowers and educates moms to manage their own health and their kids’ health using food and herbs.   Her homemade cough syrup and garlic lemonade work well for our family – you can find these and other good tips in her free ebook.

Health book –  Move your DNA by Katy Bowman.  She also has a website as well that includes a variety of blog posts and videos on moving for overall health, not just weight loss.  I love her perspective and scientific arguments for moving your whole body throughout the day versus hitting the gym a couple times a week.  Beware – you may want to start walking barefoot and doing monkey bars with your kids after reading this.

MagazineCook’s Illustrated, because they have great tips and kitchen hacks in the beginning and amazing recipes from real food.  While I like eating healthy, I love eating good food with lots of flavor and this magazine has inspired me for two years and counting.

Bible Passage – Psalm 1.  OK, so it has nothing to do with nutrition, but does anyone else find that being tired + stressed = craving junk food?  More research is coming out on the health benefits of meditation and “mindfulness,” to control stress, improving eating habits, and improve cognitive function. For me, chewing, ie meditating, on the Word of God has been incredibly beneficial both spiritually and physically.  Our family is memorizing this passage together.  It’s a great way to work my brain while doing dishes.

OK, you will notice that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all missing here.  Is there something you think I would like to follow or learn about?  Let me know!