Our Easter sunrise tradition

 On weekends I love to take an early morning run.  Wake up just before dawn, slip on my shoes, and head out into the cool, heavy air, down the dimly lit streets.  I hit the dirt path and lake area right when the light breaks over the horizon, filling the sky with pale pinks and yellows and oranges as the sun burns up the misty dew.

This Sunday I will skip the run for something even better.  We will celebrate as a family, as we have done for over a decade each Easter morning.  And as my family did when I was growing up as well.

Every year there is a steaming thermos of hot cocoa and a bag of bagels.  Fluffy cream cheese, raspberry jam, and wet wipes to clean little chins.  Sam and I will have our travel cups of coffee and a big blanket for sitting while we wait. And read.  And eat.

Then early in the morning, while it is still dark, we gather our family and walk to our spot.  Just as the women went to the tomb two thousand years ago.  The load is a bit heavy, and the dark is a bit troublesome – just as it was for them.  But we have hope and light hearts.  We know how this story ends.  They had heavy hearts and no headlamps.

We spread the blanket and sit down, just as the sky brightens.  We read  Mark 16, then Luke 24, and then John 20.  We read the story of the most magnificent Son Rise, so long ago, that rocked the world and forever changed that fate of humanity.  The rock, the angel, the empty tomb.  We pour cups of hot cocoa to warm us in the chilly air.  We pass out bagels; the hole in the middle reminding us of the empty tomb.  We spread them with both cream cheese and jam.  It’s best that way.  And the sun will rise.

Pack List:

  • blanket
  • headlamps
  • wet wipes, paper plates, napkins, knives to spread jam and cream cheese
  • sliced bagels
  • raspberry jam or fruit spread
  • whipped cream cheese
  • hot cocoa
  • Bible with post-it notes in John 20, Luke 24, and Mark 16