Eating and exercising while traveling

This weekend is the final Momheart Conference with Sally Clarkson, and I am so excited to go!  The last two have been so informative and encouraging to me as a mom and I’m sure this will be no different.

However, what has been great for the mind and soul can be rough on the body.  Conferences in general are like that.  We sit for long hours, sipping coffee with cream and sugar or iced tea with artificial sweeteners as the speakers go on.  The meals provided often have more fat and salt than we are used to, leaving us feeling sluggish for afternoon and evening sessions.  So back to more coffee.  Meals out tend to be at a restaurant and I’m not opposed to that – there are some great restaurants out there – but once again it’s back to making good choices (salad or veggies vs chips) and not mindlessly consuming the huge portions while happily chatting with friends.

I generally go for a run in the mornings while at a conference – this year I’m changing up the movement plan.  My sister and I are going to stop at a park midway through the drive (it’s over 4 hours) and enjoy a long hike.  I’ll do some pilates once there, and go for a fun run the second morning and a short swim in the afternoon.

Breaking up workouts into mini-sessions like this keeps me more alert and less sore for those longer sitting sessions.  I’m finding in my regular life of no gym membership but walking kids to school, short bursts of running with my 4yo as she bikes, and sometimes a round of strengthening and stretching in the afternoon I feel better than I did with a one hour workout in the morning and sitting at work all day.

And then the food.  Must balance out the fat and salt and coffee with some protein, fiber, fresh fruits and veggies, cultured dairy, and healthy fats.

 Can you read my handwriting on this list?  Me neither, so I’ll type it out here:

Friday/travel day:  snack on celery, apples, carrot sticks; lunch of almond butter sandwiches/hummus and chips, seaweed, and iced tea after hiking.

 I am loving a little wheatgrass powder or tea bags in my water bottle to add some flavor.  It helps me stay hydrated whether at home or away.  

 Friday dinner is at a restaurant – will choose something with protein and veggies

Saturday breakfast:  bringing oats and chia seeds to soak, greek yogurt and honey, and grapefruit to eat on the side.  Cool camping tip:  you can dump soaked oats and yogurt in a ziploc bag and eat with a spoon if dishwashing is too much of a hassle.

Saturday lunch:  provided at the conference.  They always do a lovely three-course meal that I am really looking forward to.

Saturday dinner:  out at a restaurant for soup and salad

Sunday:  heading to the airport at 4:30am means that this will be a quickie Belvita, coffee, Baby bel cheese light and fruit as we are driving.

Sunday lunch:  more fresh veggies, apples, and hummus and tortilla chips, after stopping at a state park for another stroll, of course!





Cooper Aerobics – TechnoFitness Fun

Cooper Aerobics – TechnoFitness Fun.

Training for a 5K?  Trying to figure out what to order at your favorite restaurant?  Apparently there’s an app for that!  In addition to the Lose It! for weight loss, the Ifitness for workout inspiration, checkout the Eat this not that app next time you go out to eat at your fave restaurant.    Sometimes a little technological inspiration is all we need to make healthier choices.

Split It, Save It, Toss It

Before I begin I have a confession to make:  I love chocolate.  I could eat chocolate every day, multiple times a day, and lots of it throughout the day.

It was my birthday recently, and of all the restaurants in Houston I decided to celebrate at The Chocolate Bar.  For those of you who have not had the good fortune to go there yet, it is truly a chocolate lover’s paradise with chocolate candies, ice cream, cake, and other chocolatey confections. 

OK, so why is a blog about nutrition including a post on a most un-nutritious eating establishment?  I won’t even attempt to justify it by claiming dark chocolate is chock-full of healthy antioxidants (even though it really is.)  I admit my excursion to chocolate heaven because I firmly believe that every diet has to have a little flex room in order to keep nutrition simple.  And the guideline for splurging can be summed up in one word:  moderation.  And at The Chocolate Bar where portions are anything but moderate, I got to practice my split/save/toss rule of thumb. 

For starters, we Split the chocolate cake and cookies, and then Saved some of the cake for dessert the next day  The ice cream wouldn’t have made it back home so we had to Toss some of it.  It worked out well – we all were able to sample a variety of the delicious goodies, some of us enjoyed it again the next day, and nobody had to go home feeling sick from eating too much chocolate.  And as much as I hate to admit it, it is possible to eat too much chocolate, even for a chocolate lover like me.  It is hard to discipline myself to eat just a little of such good food, but it is well worth the effort because it allows me to enjoy outings like this, and then to savor both the memories and the flavors of those foods again the next day.