About Anne

I love food.  I love cooking new recipes, lingering over fondue with friends, and enjoying holiday specials such as turkey and pumpkin pie.  I even like grocery shopping!  However, I also agree with Hippocrates when he said “let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”   As a high school and college swimmer, I noticed a significant difference in my performance when I was eating well, and when I was eating junk.  I was hooked on nutrition from then, and received a B.S. in dietetics at Michigan State University.  During my four years as an Air Force dietitian, I was able to work with military members and their families, including athletes, retirees, and even babies.  Regardless of a person’s health status or age, nutrition made a difference in their quality of life.

After my time in the military I studied public health at the University of Utah and received my MSPH in 2007.  Of all I learned in graduate school, the two most valuable lessons were 1) nutrition information is only as good as the source, and 2) even the best nutrition information is worthless if it is not put into practice.  There is some wonderful research out there, but it can be difficult to understand and apply…and there is also a LOT of misinformation that many people have tried, resulting in negative health effects.

Now as a full-time mom to a five year-old, 3 year-old, and a baby, as well as a wife to one amazing man, I strive to apply evidence-based medicine and the latest research in prevention to developing healthy, sustainable habits for our family.   My desire is to provide quality nutrition information and recommend simple, sustainable lifestyle changes that normal people, like us, can apply to improve their health.


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