My Nutrition Goals for 2016

These resolutions are nothing revolutionary.  Before the new year dawns I wanted to share a few habits I would like to incorporate this year for a healthier, happier family and me, as well as why it’s important.  Hope they help you too!

  1. Eat a salad daily.  Crunchy foods may be energizing, veggies are hydrating and incredibly nutritious, and since I started this I feel so much better.  However, a shot of wheatgrass makes an OK substitute on the days that life happens.
  2. Drink 10 oz water with citrus and a twist of salt each morning.  Something about that salt seems to help me absorb it better; maybe it’s because it’s less hypotonic?  I use the pink salt and literally one twist of the shaker and a slice of lemon or the end of my breakfast orange.
  3. Cook with my kids 2-3x/week.  Sometimes it seems like cooking is a lost art, and I want my girls to know how to roast a chicken, my son to to wield a knife and safely chop salad greens, and all of them to understand good kitchen hygiene and safety.  Following recipes as well as planning and prepping a meal is so useful in life.
  4. Make better lunches.  I love reheated leftovers for lunch, and so does my amazing hubby.  But sometimes my kids get shorted as I quickly throw something together for them that’s school-friendly (a couple veggies, a fruit, a protein, a starch and that’s it!).  I want to sprinkle a little more thought and love into their noonday meals as well.
  5. Grow it in our garden.  Yesterday my girls made a sweet little “salad” out of rose petals, chives,  collards, and african basil.  They specifically avoided the mesclun because it’s too spicy (in their opinions.)  I want them to know and recognize edible and inedible plants, and all of us to improve our phytochemical intakes by eating more produce right from the backyard.  And maybe one day these kids will like mesclun and radishes…

What are your new year resolutions/goals/plans?  Why are they important to you?


Happy 2016!


One thought on “My Nutrition Goals for 2016

  1. thanks, anne! i did get better in 2015 about eating cleaner and feeding my family. that’s something i definitely want to continue and build on. i love the idea of cooking with my kids–an idea i didn’t follow through on–thanks for the reminder to put that on my list of habits to work on in 2016.

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