These are a few of my favorite things from 2013

As I look around the kitchen, counting my blessings and thinking of what to purge and what to buy during this everything-is-on-sale and everyone-wants-a-gift-list season, here a few things that stand out as being ultra helpful:

TR2700 Breadman Breadmaker:  I use this workhorse a couple times a week, and love the convenience, nutrition, and flavor of homemade bread.  It’s similar to this one.  It happily blends and bakes spelt, soaked grains, and whole grains, which is something that the cheaper model I used to have struggled to do.

Food-on the table app:  LOVE it for finding deals and matching recipes at my local favorite grocery store, which is…

HEB:  my fave for shopping with kids.  Which is how I do it these days.  Sprouts and Costco are also up there on the list, especially for shopping solo.

Loseit app:  user-friendly way to track calories and motivate friends.  It even scans the barcodes on all those processed foods that are so hard to find on food log lists!  Keep it in mind for those New Year’s resolutions…

Magnetic knife strip:  I couldn’t pick just one knife for my favorite, so here’s the pack!  Oh, and I attached the magnetic strip (from IKEA) with command strips so as not to damage the tile backsplash.  Good, sharp knives make a world of difference in the speed and safety of meal prep, and they are just a great gift for any cook.  Or hunter.

my knife collection
my knife collection

Funnel:  This one rocks.  and it’s cheap.  and highly, highly replaceable.  Yes, it’s just the top of a milk jug.


Coconut oil:  from toothpaste to diaper cream to foot lotion to brownies, you can make anything out of this stuff!  I buy the organic, unrefined stuff from Costco

Onion powder:  a dash in soup adds depth.  a dash in yogurt turns it into french onion chip dip.  So very versatile and flavorful.

I could go on and on about various spices, soaps, cleaning products (Easy Off rocks for baked on goo in the oven), and websites, but it is Christmas week!  Time to get off the computer and do my favorite activity of all, spend time with the ones I love.  And that may just include mixing up a batch of Christmas cookies.  Merry Christmas y’all!


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