‘Twas the week of Halloween, and all through the street
Kids are talking about what they’ll get
When they trick-or-treat

But I in my home at the beginning of the block
Am planning for the following week
A family detox.

It will have to be sneaky
And it can’t be just juice
Or the kids will know and the secret will be loose

We’ll start by not purchasing too much candy-
We’ll give out plastic bugs and bats;
now won’t that be dandy?

Next will be limiting what the kids bring in.
That night some will go straight to the garbage bin.

Next comes our home: first the clutter will go
Old pumpkins, broken toys; do you think they will know?

And then good food in, and we’ll start with the cruciferous;
Broccoli and cabbage for a good liver detox.

We’ll eat lots of pumpkin in breads and in soup
The fiber and beta carotene will help us recoup

From an over-abundance of sugar and fat.
But wait, there’s more; tis the season for spice
Cinnamon, cloves and ginger – how nice!

These great-tasting spices are good for you too
They are rich in phytochemicals that may ward off the flu.

No, this detox isn’t hard-core
And it won’t make us famous.
But for my little family I like yummy food that’s nutritious.

So Halloween through Christmas, please have no fear,
You CAN eat tasty fare
And feel great for the new year.


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