I’ve posted an almond milk recipe before and liked the flavor of the original version, but found that it separated and wasn’t as creamy white as many of the store-bought varieties.  Hey, I’m a texture gal.

Then I started looking at the ingredients in my favorite brands, and experimenting.  My latest concoction has a few more ingredients, but I think it is well worth it!

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp baby rice cereal or tapioca

1 capsule soy lecithin (I cut the capsule with kitchen shears and squeeze out the goo)

1 cup hot water, 1.5 liters room temperature water

sweetener or other flavorings to taste (I like a teaspoon of evaporated cane juice or vanilla)

IMG_2283 2

boil 1 cup of water, and mix with the almond butter and soy lecithin.  Lecithin is an emulsifier, which prevents separation of the water and almond oil.  See how nice and smooth it looks, but not quite white and creamy enough yet…



So now for the texture.  You have two options to get that white, creamy texture in storebought almond milk.

1) add tapioca to the hot water/almond butter/soy lecithin mix, mix well, then allow to cool before blending until frothy.

2)  Allow almond butter mixture to cool, then add water and baby rice cereal to blender.  Blend until frothy.

Some of the almond particles will settle eventually, but I store mine in glass jars so I can shake it up before drinking.  Now I think I’ll try some almond milk hot cocoa. 🙂


One thought on “Smooth and creamy almond milk

  1. I checked my numbers, and this recipe costs about $0.45 to make if you buy your almond butter from Costco in Houston. Compared to whole milk (150 calories, 8g protein) this has 25 calories and 1g protein per cup.

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