What to do with 40 pounds of chicken

I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive sources for quality meats and produce.  When a friend introduced me to Zaycon, I was hooked.  While it does not have the organic label, the chicken tastes fresh and the meat has no hormones/additives/artificial ingredients.  If you have become accustomed to supermarket chicken with 15% saline solution you will love the difference.  At $1.69/lb for boneless skinless breasts, it is less expensive than our local grocer as well.

First, check out their website and create a free account.

When you get an email about an event in your local area, decide whether or not it’s for you. Chicken is for me.  Sausage is not.

Place your order by the deadline, and schedule the pickup.  The drop-off is usually only for a few hours.  I like to get there a little early before a line builds up.

On pickup day, I like to prep my storage bags and pack a cooler in the minivan.  That way I can keep it cold during the trip home and get right to processing when we arrive.

label bags with name and date
my favorite marinades

For us, it works well to have some bags pre-marinated, so I can slide the chicken in the bag and it marinades in the freezer.  Then on those don’t-feel-like-cooking-but-want- a-homemade-meal nights I can thaw it out, toss it in the crockpot or baking pan, and serve with a tossed salad.

Does the thought of 40 pounds of chicken overwhelm you?  This is what it looks like!  I set up my cutting board in a sheet tray to catch all that nasty chicken juice.  Processing this much chicken is a bit of a chore, but this is just one big clean-up, rather than sterilizing knives and cutting boards multiple times for multiple meals.

Then I pull out the ginormous chicken breasts, trim them, and cut into serving-size pieces.

One hour later I have five or so  bags of marinaded chicken, two bags of bite-size chicken pieces ready for stir-fry, and a few larger bags of serving size cuts ready for whatever recipe catches my eye.

Forty pounds of chicken, ready for fridge and freezer

There, that’s not too scary, is it?


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