Simple Nutrition Resolutions

I have a 5-week old baby, a 4 year-old that I’m homeschooling, and a 2 year-old that is potty training.  When it comes to new year’s resolution, survival and sleep are at the top of my list in 2012!  Last year I had 2 goals:

1) find a fabulous lentil soup recipe

2) Keep dinner prep to under 20 minutes

For the first, I love the lentil soup at

For the second, I think I did pretty well on average.  Some days I would spend lot more than 20 minutes, but those days I would often have leftovers which cut the time the next day.

Nothing extraordinary, but sometimes having simple goals when you are starting a fresh new year makes it easier to make those little changes that make life better.  When making nutrition-related resolutions, it is important to remember that not only is it true that you are what you eat, but it’s also true that you eat what you are.

For example, a stay at home mom on a tight budget will eat differently than a CEO who frequents fancy restaurants for business lunches.  If your goal this year is to run a marathon, your nutrition needs and eating habits are different from those of someone who is going back to school and working full-time.

I would love to start a recipe club this year and share recipes with other women who love to cook.

I would love to make or at least try every food on the “100 Foods to Eat Before You Die” food list challenge that’s been going around Facebook.

I would like to run 2-3 5ks.

And I would love to try one new gourmet recipe a week.

Realistically, I might get to one of those, possibly all of those sometime this year, but certainly not this month.  For now, I just have two simple resolutions for 2012.

1) plan my menus weekly (and stick to them as much as possible!).  In order to eat nutritiously and deliciously, I have found that I have to plan menus.  I love grocery shopping (call me weird), but I know that it will be much more difficult toting three lovely children and I’ll have to limit my shopping trips.

2) Eat veggies twice a day (we did well in 2010, but slacked off last year when my morning sickness disallowed most veggies and salads).

What life changes are you looking at this year?  What are your nutrition goals or plans to support those goals and changes?


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