Super Slaws and Salads

When the heat index starts climbing over 100, I usually lose both my desire for hot comfort foods as well as my motivation for cooking them.

Step in salads and slaws. Most Americans don’t even eat half as many fruits and veggies as we need in a day, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. And because so much produce grown in the good ole USA is in season now, you can do it on the cheap too!

Salads are easy. You can buy a bag at the store and a bottle of dressing of course, but with a little more time you can come up with some great-tasting creative combos of your own as well. Here are a few of my favorites this summer.

Tomato Cucumber Salad
Chop tomatoes (whatever are on sale) and cucumbers up into bite-size cubes. Add a touch of sea salt to taste. Enjoy.
(For an extra nutrition boost, add fresh spinach, diced carrots, radicchio, or red cabbage)

Easy Bean Salad
1 can white beans
2 tbsp giardiniera (we prefer Pagliacci’s Hot, but beware, it’s spicy!)
1 cup fresh spinach, shredded

Ginger Peach Slaw
2-3 cups savoy or napa cabbage, shredded
1-2 peaches, diced
1 cup spinach or other lettuce, shredded
2 tbsps orange juice
1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
1 tbsp canola, safflower, or grapeseed oil
½ tsp onion powder

½ tsp ginger
¼ tsp garlic powder
Salt and sugar to taste
Mix fruit and veggies. Mix liquids and spices into a dressing. Pour dressing over veggies and enjoy.

Apple Slaw
2 cups savoy or napa cabbage, shredded
1 tart apple, shredded
1 cup fresh spinach, shredded
1 tbsp sunflower seeds or small walnut pieces
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste


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