Kids Nutrition (Part 1): 7 Nutrients Even Healthy Kids Miss

Kids Nutrition (Part 1): 7 Nutrients Even Healthy Kids Miss.


I love this article – and actually the whole website  I know when I have kept food records on my family (does that make me a nutrition geek?)  we have found that we can be low in vitamin E and iron as well.  We tend to take a multivitamin a couple times a week as well, especially if life gets crazy and our veggie or meat intake is lower than usual.

Some habits we have found useful:

– switch to almond butter instead of peanut butter to increase vitamin E.

– add wheat germ or ground flaxseed  to sandwiches, oatmeal, waffles, or any other food that allows for a sneaky addition.

– don’t mix milk and meals.  I know, many moms have insisted on a cup of milk with every meal for years, but milk and the calcium in it inhibit the absorption of iron.  As a rule of thumb, we have milk with breakfast, morning snack, and afternoon snack; lunch and dinner I focus on iron.

– sunshine time for vitamin D!  My kids eat better, sleep better, and are generally happier when we get a little sunshine time.  that may be an couple hours at the pool or a 15 minute stop at the playground on the way home from the grocery store.


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