Grilling up some spring flavor

I have been loving the weather recently – cool in the mornings, and warming up to the low 80’s during the day. Perfect for getting out in the garden, flying kites and picking wildflowers with the kids, and grilling out.

Speaking of grilling out, does your diet change along with the weather? I find that as it gets warmer, I crave lighter, cooler foods. Here is a lineup from this last week:

– Grilled Portabella mushrooms topped with pesto, marinara, mozzarella
– Grilled salmon rubbed with tarragon, garlic, lemon pepper, and onion powder
– Grilled Normandy blend vegetables (frozen from Costco) drizzled with olive oil and sea salt
– Grilled chicken served on a bed of baby greens with crunched chips, a sprinkle of cheddar cheese, and salsa (a great way to add pizzazz to a salad without using a high-fat salad dressing)

For snacks, I decided to blend in bunch of fresh cilantro from the garden in with my Tex-Mex Hummus. I have to say, it’s pretty delish with a few tortilla chips.

And lastly, I hit a home run with my lentil soup recipe for the week; perfect for a cooler evening, especially with homemade bread.

This weekend I will be learning all the latest in nutrition at the Texas Dietetic Association conference. I’ll try to post some useful tidbits for y’all as I learn them.


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