new year’s goals, or “resolution” review

Brr, it’s cold out there! We’re just not used to below freezing weather here in Houston! It has made for great weather to try out various shepherd’s pie, pot roast, and lentil recipes.
After a month of trying to save time and money on food prep and groceries, here is what I have learned:

1) Definitely prepping during naptime is easier, and I can accomplish much more in those 20 minutes than right before dinner when I have my two precious helpers helping

2) Planned overs are the best! Especially because it really limits how much I have to clean up. Does anyone else find that dinner clean-up sometimes takes as long as making the meal itself?!

3) Lentils and meat from the freezer are much cheaper than buying what’s on “sale” at the store; vegetarian and wild game for dinner fare has been good for both our waistlines and pocketbook.

This month, I’m definitely going to be checking out a few more lentil recipes…I have 3 in mind, and will keep you posted as I try them.


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