easy venison pot roast recipe

In my quest to make recipes that I can prep during naptime and cook during my afternoon workouts, I landed on pot roast, an all-American favorite. However, we have a freezer full of venison, and I didn’t feel like buying beef when I have a freezer full of meat already.
Soo, I adapted Betty Crocker’s pot roast recipe for the meat I had, and the result, I think, was pretty delish!

2lbs venison roast
McCormick’s Montreal Steak seasoning
1 cup red wine (I like cab, but a dryer malbec works well too)
2 cups beef broth
2 onions, cut into small wedges
2 cups baby carrots
8 small potatoes, cubed
1 tsp garlic powder (or 1 tbsp minced fresh garlic)
2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp each thyme and oregano

Night before:
Thaw/soak 2lbs of venison roast in buttermilk, or a combo of milk and a couple Tbsps vinegar, in the fridge

During naptime, or 3 hours before dinner:
Heat oil or butter in a dutch oven. Drain and dry venison. dredge in flour and Montreal seasoning. Brown well in dutch oven over medium heat, about 5 minutes on each side. Add remaining ingredients and heat to boiling. Move to a 400 degree oven and roast for about 2 hours while working out, playing with the kids, etc.
Invite your friends, toss together a quick side salad, and enjoy!


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