Healthy Halloween?

Halloween, the beginning of the unhealthy holidays. Or does it have to be? I love the fall, and fall recipes can be nutritious.
True, it’s easy to be derailed from your healthy eating program this season with Halloween candy now and Thanksgiving pumpkin pie in a few more weeks, but here’s the skinny on enjoying yourself without adding pounds.

1) Buy candy at the last minute. Unless you don’t like it.  I would love to do a survey on how many people buy candy early, eat it, then have to buy more!
2) Consider candy alternatives. I’ve seen crayons, play-do, and other plastic toy give-aways that can be used for Halloween, or saved for party favors if you over-estimate the trick-or-treaters.
3) Eat  pumpkin!  This vegetable is great source of beta-carotene, which is necessary for a healthy immune system. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium and zinc, both of which can also give your immune system a boost this flu season. 

4) Before joining the trick-or-treating fun, eat a veggie and protein heavy dinner so you won’t be as tempted to munch on the candy you collect.  I love this recipe for chili in a pumpkin bowl.  It may become part of our family Halloween tradition.


One thought on “Healthy Halloween?

  1. Yes! We bought a bunch of the Halloween mini play dough packs on 75% off clearance last year to give as treats this year. Now, I haven’t checked them, so hopefully they are not dried out :/

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