Flow of empty calories into children’s food supply must be reduced

Flow of empty calories into children’s food supply must be reduced.

We all know that eliminating childhood obesity is on the first lady’s priority list, but here’s another article supporting the idea that it really is a public health crisis.  I agree.  Why?  We have overweight, undernourished kids who are establishing not only a poor health foundation, but poor eating habits for their entire lives.  Poor nutrition leads to poor health which leads to less productivity and lower quality of life.  Not a happy picture for the future of our country.  What to do if you are a mom or caretaker?  First, cut out the sugar… sugary “fruit drinks” (in which the top two ingredients are water and sugar), sugary cereals, and snacks.  Second, choose whole grains.  The label needs to say “100% whole wheat,” not multigrain, made with whole wheat, or simply wheat.  Try Cheerios, chex, and triscuits.  Or just go with brown rice, oats, or other whole grains.  Last, watch the fat.  Especially the added artificial fats.  Skip the fried foods, chips, and anything with hydrogenated oils in the ingredients.  Choose healthy fatty foods like nuts and seeds and fish.  Who knows, you may find that your two year-old just loves salmon and brown rice and broccoli…just like my 15mo does!


2 thoughts on “Flow of empty calories into children’s food supply must be reduced

  1. I am not the best at it, but I have made a conscience effort to expose MacKenzie and Baby Trike to many foods while in the womb, while breastfeeding, and now that Mac is eating solids. She pretty much skipped over purees right into partaking in our meals. She grabs peas and green beans off her tray before anything else and will take a taste of our sweets, but is usually less than interested. We have found so few foods that she does not love (sun dried tomatoes, olives, broccoli, the list is endless) and I attribute some (but not all of that) to me partaking in a diverse diet (and not just cheeseburgers and fries) as I was responsible for her nourishment. Now of course, this child could totally disrupt that theory, but we are going to give him or her all the veggies and lean protein we can anyways!

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