USDA issues final rule on organic dairy

USDA issues final rule on organic dairy.

The rules have changed just a little for organic milk – the cows now must spend 120 days outdoors, have access to the outdoors for 30% of the year and be pasture-fed for at least 30% of the year.  Besides the obvious benefits regarding humane treatment, pasture-fed dairy cows produce milk with more CLA and omega-3 fats than those fed corn and soy.  Organic milk is already produced from cows who eat pesticide-free foods, are not cloned, and are not treated with antibiotics or hormones.  When deciding whether it is worth the cost, do remember that the cows that produce regular milk are kept out of the milk production line for two weeks after taking antibiotics in order to prevent them from getting into the milk, and only about 17% of conventional cows do receive rBGH.  For those of you in the Houston area who are interested in pasture-fed raw jersey milk, check out


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