white whole wheat flour

one type of whole-grain white wheat

I am always trying  to make recipes a little healthier, without sacrificing flavor.  Usually I try not to promote brands, but King Arthur has done a wonderful job of making hard white wheat flour readily available at many grocers.  In a couple of my bread, honey-whole-wheat bread, and waffle recipes I refer to this type of flour, and for anyone trying to improve their whole grain intake, this is one easy way to do it!

There are other sources – my HEB has a section by the bulk bins where you can stone- grind your own, and my mom actually orders the wheat berries from a co-op. 
Wherever you get it, this is a great alternative to enriched white flour.  However, it does give baked goods a denser texture, so if your gourmand friend is finnicky about the crumb of her birthday cake, this may not work.  Otherwise, give it a try!   I find that in recipes that call for whole wheat flour, this gives it a lighter flavor.  In recipes that call for all-purpose (aka, enriched) flour, I need to use slightly less flour and often add a couple extra tablespoons of water.  I love it in both quick and yeast breads, and can usually substitute half the flour in cookies with this before the texture becomes a little too dense for my liking.  Happy Baking!

2 thoughts on “white whole wheat flour

  1. Anne, thanks for this tip! I have been using half white and half whole wheat flour in breads. Is this basically the same thing or do you think this brand is better? I haven’t tried using it in cakes and cookies, though. I will try that!

  2. I like this better because it is 100% whole wheat, it just has a milder flavor than the regular 100% whole wheat flour.

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