Sample road trip menu

Grab your cooler and pack it up with these winners before your next road trip! No need to live at the mercy of the next fast food joint and gas station, you can shorten your trip with fewer stops and minimize the vacation weight gain by eating healthy while away:

My faves:
baby carrots
nuts and dried fruit (watch the portions though, a little bit has a lot of calories)
pita (less crumbly than bread for making car sandwiches)
peanut butter
honey (easier to squeeze out than jelly)
homemade hummus*
dry cereal (Kix, cheerios, life, or other low-sugar, low-mess variety)
water bottles, filled with ice water
herbal tea bags (add calorie-free flavor to your water)
napkins, plastic knife for spreading PB and cutting cheese, and baby wipes

With this, we can munch on cheese and crackers and apples for a snack. I can make PBJ pitas for lunch, or fill up those pitas with hummus and carrot sticks.

*eat within 4 hours of leaving home or add an ice pack to your cooler


One thought on “Sample road trip menu

  1. One fun thing we did last road trip was eat carrot straws vs sticks. It made for a good texture and fresh taste in our sandwhichs and was fun to munch on. Felt a little like Thai food.

    Sam – the husband

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