Meal planning for the road

We recently returned from our first plane trip with two kids, and it was quite the adventure…but not quite as crazy as our hunting trip in the boonies of Wyoming!   Because we flew, we had less space than when we drove, but Wyoming stores were few and far between which meant we had to bring everything.  Whether at home or on the road, my goal is to have healthy, safe food that tastes good…and do that at a reasonable cost.  Here’s what to take into account when meal planning for your next trip.

1)  What’s the plan?  If you are planning on enjoying restaurant food 3 times a day, packing a box of granola bars may do it for you.  If you are camping in the mountains 45 minutes from the nearest town, you’ll want to pack it all. 

2) What type of cooking facilities will you have?  You can work wonders if you have a small kitchenette and a plan…or even a microwave.  However, if you are staying in a hotel room with just a coffee pot you’ll have to plan accordingly.

3) Food safety. This should probably be first. In trip one to the Wyoming wilderness we did not have a refrigerator, so we brought mostly shelf-stable items. Trip 2 we had a refrigerator/freezer most of the time, and so we could bring regular milk, baby carrots, and frozen peas.

check out my Sample road trip menu for an idea of what we brought on trip two. The Backwoods menu? That’s coming soon…


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