Saint Patrick’s Day and Beyond

Ahh, corned beef and cabbage.  Potatoes.  Green eggs and ham with green Guinness?  The list of Irish traditional foods as well as fun, not-so-Irish foods is almost endless.  For our family, we have enjoyed corned beef and cabbage (I use 2 tbsps of butter rather than 6) along with boiled red potatoes and soda bread.  This year I decided to try a new mostly-whole wheat soda bread which turned out heavier and chewier than the traditional white bread, but still good.

As for health, it’s hard to beat cabbage this time of year.  A phenomenal cancer-fighting food, it is less than a dollar per pound and incredibly versatile.  If you have leftover cabbage and potatoes, be sure to try this vegetarian chowder.   Cooked down, cabbage is pleasantly mild, and tastes especially good when mixed with tart apples such as granny smith.  Raw cabbage has a bit more bite, but makes a great coleslaw. I’m still looking for the perfect no-mayo coleslaw recipe, so if anyone has one please forward it my way!
If you are looking for a healthier option than corned beef this holiday, roast leg of lamb is one way to go.  We just can’t break the corned beef tradition, so to keep the calories down cut the slices of meat thin, and then plan on having it over several days rather than one large feast on the 17th.  I know we’re planning on sandwiches, colcannon, and possibly even a little soup with the leftovers if  they last that long!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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