Great green-eating resources

Organic.  Carbon footprint.  Locavore?  The terms are becoming more common and more numerous, as more people look to live and eat in a manner that is healthier for themselves and for the environment.  As I’ve been preparing for a presentation at Arbor Gate next week I came across a great book called Go Green Get Lean by Kate Geagan, a dietitian from Park City, Utah and also a mother of two little ones. I love her practical approach to “greening” your kitchen and reducing your dietary carbon footprint while still enjoying great foods and beverages (like chocolate and coffee).   Speaking of carbon footprints, check out The Center for Science in the Public Interest eating green scorecard to check your diet.  Check out the rest of their site for more scientific information and evidence-based motivation to eat green!   One of my other favorite websites has been  I have always been fond of farmer’s markets and trying their weird and wonderful products, and local harvest as well as  are good sources for farmer’s markets, CSA’s, and farms where you can pick your own produce.


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