Keep-able New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all done it before – made a new year’s resolution and then gave up on it before the end of the month!  Do you remember what your resolutions were last year?  If not, here’s a fun method for making keep-able resolutions, or goals. 

1) Make it meaningful.  Do you really care?  Seriously, one reason that we don’t reach our goals is because we feel we should do something, but there’s not much internal motivation.  Why do you want to be healthier, lose weight, start working out, or whatever your goal is?  Do you want to have more energy to play with your kids?  Be around for your grandkids to remember you?  Or possibly you want to finally finish that marathon because you have always thought that would be a great accomplishment. 

2) Make it measurable.  One of the worst resolutions is to “be healthier this year.”  Why?  Because at the end of the day, and then the end of the month, how do you measure that?  Tracking your progess can help you achieve a goal and give encouragement along the way. 

3)  Make it maintainable.  I’m all about sustainable, maintainable lifestyle changes.  Most people can lose 10 pounds.  The challenge is keeping it off.  This year, make your goal something that you can put on your bathroom mirror, and practice it regularly through December.

Here are some healthy habits that may make good resolutions:

– eat 2 servings of green vegetables daily.

– buy only 100% whole wheat bread.

– drink water instead of soda/limit soda to 1 can a week

– walk or run for 30 minutes, 3 times a week

– have dessert only twice a week

– eat a “planet-friendly” dinner composed of local/organic/low carbon-footprint foods twice a week.

– When stressed, I will write in my journal instead of eating cookies. 

For more ideas, check out these links:

May God bless you with a happy, healthy New Year in 2010


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