Soup – your key to winter weight loss

Ahh, soup.  I just love a bowl of soup with some crackers or toasty bread.  The good news is that soup is a great food for weight loss too!   Because of a principle called volumetrics, soup can be a low-calorie, satisfying meal.  Our stomachs often feel full based on volume rather than calories – because soup has so much liquid and takes time to eat, soup night once or twice a week is a great addition to your weighloss program.  One warning, cream soups can set you back because of the extra fat.  Choose broth-based soups instead.  For extra flavor, make your own broth out of leftover chicken (just put the bones and some of the leftover meat in your crockpot and cook with water) or use the broth, stock, or base from the grocery store.  These add depth of flavor to your soup, and even if you’ve only been cooking it 10 minutes, stock gives it that “slaving all day over the stove” flavor.  Read the label though; some broth and most boullion cubes have MSG in them. 

Canned soup can get expensive, and can also be a significant source of BPA.  In order to keep it budget-friendly, use leftovers from previous meal.  For example, if we have venison pot roast one night, I’ll make extra meat and toss it in a pot with some barley, a can of tomatoes, beef broth, and whatever veggies I have on hand.  Dinner can be prepped during naptime this way, and if I start the breadmaker as well we have a great meal by the time my hubby gets home from work.  For extra fiber, add beans.  Most chicken soups can be extended with white beans, and often beef soups taste great with kidney beans added.  It is a cheap way to add extra protein as well. 

Vegetable beef, chicken tortilla, chicken noodle, or pho?  Plain or fancy, soup is a great way to warm up at the end of a cold winter day.


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