The secret to healthy eating on a budget

Most of us are trying to trim our grocery bill while continuing to feed our families healthy meals, and I hear a lot of people saying that it just isn’t possible to eat healthy on the cheap anymore.  To that I have to say “false!”  Now, before you start throwing your organic rutabaga at me, let me explain that most Americans are spending the bulk of their grocery bill on meat and beverages.  Take a look at your receipt, and if you are in this category, try these two tips: 

1)  Cut out all juice, soda, and alcohol.  Soda and alcohol are devoid of nutrients, and you are much better off eating a 20 cent banana than drinking a glass of juice. 

2) Skip the meat aisle and head for the dry beans.  Beans are a great source of iron, calcium, and potassium – three nutrients that many Americans eat in insufficient amounts.  They are also rich in protein and fiber, both of which increase satiety for a lower cost and fewer calories than meat.  If you substitute bean-based meals for meat-based meals 2-3 nights a week you could save $10-25 a week.   Canned beans are nutritious too, but you will save much more money by buying the dry beans and taking the time to soak and cook them yourself.  Need some recipes?  check out allrecipes “bean basics” or try some ethnic lentil recipes if you have a more adventuresome palate.  Becoming full of beans a couple nights a week may just make for a fatter wallet and a slimmer you.


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