Healthy Recipes

Tasty and healthy are not mutually exclusive…really!  Here are some of my favorite websites for finding healthy recipes and nutrition ideas.  If the recipe works, I’ll just slide the printout in my 3-ring recipe binder to make another time.  Great source for good, tasty recipes.  I’m all about Ellie Krieger’s show!  These recipes often have a touch of class that may be more appealing to adventuresome adults than kids.  More recipes than I could every test, and the reviews are pretty helpful too.  If I have a random food that I’m not sure what to do with,  usually has an answer.  Quick and convenient recipes that please most palates…and are kid-friendly too.  Because almost all the recipes use packaged foods, they may contain more preservatives and/or other artificial substances that I, like many others, are trying to keep to a minimum.


One thought on “Healthy Recipes

  1. This is fantastic! I want more! and give me some meals that I are heathly and extra kid friendly too 🙂

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