Interested in Nutrition Advice?

Nutrition Simply…Plans and Programs

By Anne Mahon, RD, MSPH

__  Quick & Simple Nutrition  30 minutes:  Calculation of your calorie needs, handouts on what to eat from eat food group in order to get the nutrients you need while staying within your calorie budget  (This one can be done in groups as well, with additional time for questions and answers).

__ Nutrition for Your Lifestyle  60 minutes:  Calculation of your calorie/nutrient needs, review of your medical history if appropriate, information on amounts of food you need daily from each food group.  If desired, this can also include a review of a typical day’s intake and recommendations for changes.

__ Personalized Nutrition Coaching  This option is appropriate for people that desire to optimize their eating habits, whether it be for athletic competition, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, recovering from a heart attack, food allergies, or to lose weight.  The initial session includes everything in Nutrition for Your Lifestyle, but it also includes follow-up sessions every 1-4 weeks on reading labels, grocery shopping, dining out the healthy way, recipe alterations to maintain flavor while boosting nutrition, menu planning, as well as a review of and advice on the client’s eating patterns.  This can be by individuals as well as families, and can be beneficial where each member has different goals (teenage son wants to gain muscle, mom wants to lose weight, dad has high cholesterol, etc).

­__Meal Planning  30-60 minutes:  This can be done as a group workshop or as an individual initial or follow-up consult.  Meal planning is crucial for healthy eating, and can lower your food budget as well as your waistline.  Your lifestyle, budget, schedule, and taste preferences as well as nutritional needs will be used to develop a one-week menu; you will also receive handouts on the key elements of meal-planning.

__Quick & Easy Grocery Shopping  Think grocery shopping takes too much time?  Learn how to navigate your way through the store and get a week’s worth of nutritious food in 30 minutes or less!

__Kitchen Makeover  Eating healthy and tasty meals and snacks may seem like a challenge, but it’s much easier if your kitchen and pantry are arranged and stocked the right way.  Because the makeover is based on your personal nutrition goals, this option is not available alone, but only as a follow-up to Quick and Simple, Nutrition for your Lifestyle, or Personalized Coaching.

__ Cooking Made Simple 30-60 minutes:  Not sure where to start in cooking nutritious meals?  Join Anne for a cooking demonstration using healthy food preparation techniques.

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