kitchen staples

We’ve all been there– the day is just a little more hectic than we had planned, just one (or two or three) more activities squeezed in, and no time to go grocery shopping.  So what’s for dinner?  Here’s what I try to keep on hand in order to have a variety of potential meals on those crazy days.

Meat:  frozen chicken breasts, frozen ground lean beef or turkey, frozen fish

Vegetables:  frozen stirfry mix, frozen broccoli, and frozen mixed veggies

Cans and jars:  Spaghetti sauce, cream of celery or cream of chicken soup (lowfat/lowsalt), peanut butter

Dry goods:  quick-cooking brown rice, high-protein spaghetti

Other:  Chicken boullion, parmesan cheese, teriyaki or low-sodium soy sauce, shredded cheese, lemon pepper

so on that busy day which may turn into a busy week, I can have spaghetti with meatballs, spaghetti with meat sauce, chicken parmesan (all with mixed veggies or broccoli on the side) , lemon pepper fish/chicken with rice (mixed with boullion for extra flavor) and broccoli, or even chicken pot pie (with the cream soups and mixed veggies) if there happens to be lowfat bisquick in the pantry.   And then of course, there’s peanut butter.  I like adding a small dollop to apples, bread, or even carrot sticks to give it a little more staying power.

It is possible to have a few meals always ready, even with a small pantry like mine.  It just takes some planning and a good system of keeping those favorite items always stocked.


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