making baby food

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to make green babyfood yesterday.  Yep, my almost-8-month-old John was almost out of peas, so I started by purchasing organic baby spinach (really cheap at Costco) and frozen green beans and broccoli.  After steaming some of the spinach and thawing the frozen veggies, I pulled out my all-time favorite kitchen appliance…the Vitamix.  And then it was blending time.  I mixed up the green beans with the broccoli since John’s already been introduced to both without problems, and I didn’t think he would really like plain broccoli as much.  Spinach and peas made for a healthy, colorful combo too.  Plus I’m a little concerned about giving him too many nitrates with plain spinach, so the peas diluted that a bit.  John watched from his high chair in the kitchen, where he was snacking on itty bitty bits of whole wheat bread.  I gave him a few samples of the green goo before putting the mixtures in ice cube trays in the freezer, and he gave raving reviews and asked for more.   Guess my Irish baby likes his green veggies!


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